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First Communion Class – April 28, 2019


 Aubrey Backhus

Wyatt Hawk

Amelia Quirk

Olivia Southerland

Cort Wheeler


 Isabella D’Amico

Allison Moore

Elijah Rivera

Kenneth Stemsley

Raymond Wilson


Adult Education Every Monday


We will watch "God Speaks Our Story" from The Mass series by Bishop Robert Barron. This lesson will focus on a.) God Speaks to Us and b.) The Readings: "The Word of the Lord". Please join us Monday January 14th @ 7pm in the parish hall and learn more about our Catholic Mass. For information call Stan DeLong at 405-820-1578. 

The Youth Group would like to thank all those that participated and/or volunteered at our Indian Taco fundraiser and especially to our patrons, it was a huge success. We would also like to extend a special thanks to A.J. Magott for coordinating the car show, and for all the exhibitors. Please watch the bulletin for more upcoming youth group events.

Join the CDA on Sunday after the 9am Mass.

Open Mondays 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Tuesdays in the church 6 P.M.

Meeting on Mondays (bi-weekly) 6 p.m. 



Please pray for the Intentions Of….

Howard Anderson, Brad Anglin, Amanda Ashley, Brittany Baltazor ,Kaitlin Baltazor,Jan Barnes, Tom Barnes, Anita Brimm, Sally Bugg, Easton Carpenter, Brett Cleveland, Barbara Davenport, Rebecca David, Mary Jean Dellaquilla, Loretta Dixon, Gloria Dolly, John & Virginia Drew, Ron & Loretta Finley, Mary Ellen Fortleney, Marilyn Gravitt, Mike Gravitt ,Stella Hartig, Marsha Helm, Janet Holder, Martha Hopcus, Ronny Jaro, Ann Jones, Betsy & Jerry Jorski, Billy Keller, Matthew Keller, Chevy Kirkpatrick, David Kreikemeier, Don Lachance, Rob Lawrence, Kenneth Leslie, Michelle Lynch, Diana Maddox, Rev. Eugene Marshall O.S.B, Evadne Mathews,Bob Maxey, David McKinney, Curtis Meyer,Corine Miller, Justin Moore, Paul & Charlotte Nickel, Darrell O’Neal, Linda Parker, Trisha Parker, Fred Rodriguez  Mary Rodriguez , Fred and Donna Roller, Marjorie Royal ,Carol Rudek, Carolyn Rudek,, Paula Sendall, Juanita Shaffer, Jo Sims, Brenda Smith, Daniel Smith, Logan Stephens, Wesley StillSmoking, Henry Villarma, Samuel Visniski,Carolyn Werchan, Charlie Werchan, Chelsie Werchan, Candace Wietelman, Vickie Wilson, Barbara Wyskup, Louise Wyskup, George Yancy, Filex & Ann Zachare, Joe Zawisza